Encouraging a Senior Family Member to Move into Assisted Living?

Encouraging a Senior Family Member to Move into Assisted Living?

More and more families across the United States face this difficult conversation: the talk with an elderly loved one about senior care centers such as retirement homes, assisted living, or nursing homes. Seniors may not understand the issue or never want to make such a move. Even some other family members could have a different opinion. So you should know how to handle the situation smoothly and successfully. The following steps would help you make the transition smoother:

Make a plan with your siblings and other family members

When it comes to sending your elderly parents to a senior care facility, the whole family must agree with you. Though such a move is likely to be emotional and hard for everyone involved, you must be in harmony with all other family members before beginning the conversation with your parent. If a family member or a sibling is not agreeing with your decision, the senior may cling to them to avoid the move.

The Conversation

You don’t need to make any preparation for the first conversation. The only thing you need to ask is how your loved one feels about moving into assisted living. Your parents might have thought about such a move already. The first talk will help you determine how the elderly will react to the idea and discover their concerns. Never try to convince them in the initial conversation because that could lead to negative emotions.

Following up

After giving the elderly some time for digesting the idea of senior care option, follow up. Talk about any issues they had raised during your initial conversation. Stress the benefits of assisted living. By doing this, your parents will realize that you aren’t dismissive of their feelings and emotions but concerned for their overall wellbeing.

Make the decision

When the senior becomes willing to accept the decision, provide them with as much support as possible. Talk about the facilities that can be good fits for your loved one.

Benefits of Assisted Living

Improved quality of life

Assisted living improves the life quality of senior residents. It provides help with the daily chores that your loved one can no longer handle appropriately or safely while allowing them as much independence as possible. The helps may include reminding about their medications or providing transportation service to shopping or doctor’s office.

Social and recreational opportunities

Seniors are likely to lose the important contacts they built over a lifetime. Old friends may move or pass away. This could lead to a secluded lifestyle. A rich social life is important for the physical and mental health of your loved ones. Assisted living provides common areas to meet other residents with similar interests. Additionally, it offers several social and recreational activities to keep the seniors active and engaged.

Memory Care

Some assisted living facilities provide topnotch memory care to residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In spite of the progressive nature of these diseases, assisted living improves the resident’s independence and quality of life through person-directed planning.

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