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Encouraging a Senior Family Member to Move into Assisted Living?

More and more families across the United States face this difficult conversation: the talk with an elderly loved one about senior care centers such as retirement homes, assisted living, or nursing homes. Seniors may not understand the issue or never want to make such a move. Even some other family members could have a [...]

How to Know When It’s Time for Assisted Living?

It is not easy to decide when it's time for an older adult to move into assisted living. You must make decisions based on certain practical matters because there is no way to know it for certain. Of course, their own home is the best place for all senior citizens if they are independent [...]

Assisted Living – Most Frequently Asked Questions

As we get older, our physical and mental abilities can decline. They generally need help getting in and out of the tub safely and in several other routine activities. Cooking also becomes difficult. Any medical emergency or a slip on a wet floor tile or bathroom tile will worry their loved ones. A fall [...]

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